When homeowners and commercial property managers hear the words “sewer repair”, they tend to have a negative reaction. That’s because, people almost immediately think that this involves a “big cost” and a “bigger mess”. While in the past those reactions would have been accurate, today’s sewer repair technology is different.

Advancements in technology within the sewer and pipe repair industry has made massive strides, taking a seemingly headache of a repair and making it an easy, efficient process. Not only is sewer repair today cost-effective and reasonably priced, damage and destruction to the landscape and surrounding areas is no longer a threat. These developments within the approach to sewer repair are based upon the principles of cured-in-place pipe repair, otherwise known as pipe lining.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 8 benefits of using pipe lining for your sewer repair:

  1. Can be applied to lateral, horizontal, and vertical pipes
  2. Notable savings in cost for repair
  3. Can structurally line pipes no matter how many bends and angles
  4. There is NO destruction to the surrounding area or even digging involved
  5. Can line only the area needing repair, does not require the lining of the entire length of piping
  6. Effective alternative to sewer drain and rainwater leader pipe replacement
  7. Stops cracks, leaks, and erosion, all while preventing the onset of root intrusion
  8. Increases the pipe’s capacity for flow

State-of-the-art technology has finally made its way into the sewer drain and rainwater leader pipe industry. Pipe replacement is a costly, destructive, and stressful approach to fixing things like leaks or cracks or structural damage to piping. Using pipe lining to handle problems within a sewer system is the most effective method to repair. No matter what type of pipes are being repaired, pipe lining allows for the most impressive performance to date.

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