We at Drainaway are proud to offer a wealth of experience in all aspect of high and low pressure water jetting services from drain blockage clearance, Drain scale descaling to hydraulic root cutting, Surface cleaning tank cleaning.

Drain Clearance and Descaling

We utilise an array of jets and flale chains to enable cleaning of all types, sizes and material of drain lines to clean lines and remove scale allowing drain lines to run freely and reduce the risk of blockages occurring due to effluent catching and building up on areas of scale and debris whilst eliminating unwelcome smells and keeping lines unattractive to vermin.

Root Cutting

We can offer several ways of attacking root cutting within pipe lines, dependant on the type of roots and the severity of the root intuition we will assess the line with cctv camera system and allocate the correct procedure which could range from a “Warthog” multiple jet HPJ jetting nozzle with spinning case and offset front and rear jets for cutting whilst allowing rear jets to cut, also clears debris and particle’s cut away from the area in question, the alternative is a hydraulic steel bodied saw device driven by water from a jetting unit which physically saws through larger tap roots.

Surface cleaning and tank cleaning

We have the equipment and the knowledge to supply services within the surface cleaning industry to meet all needs. Whether it be a small domestic patio clean to an industrial site clean-up.

We have hover clean machinery that can clean vast areas effectively and due to the area coverage of the machine it allows us to clean large areas in short periods of time. We combine our environmental knowledge to provide safety and reassurance to provide our clients with duty of care they deserve.

Our experienced staff will leave no stone unturned by inserting absorbent pillows into each surface water gully and Aco channel in the areas being cleaned also absorbent booms to create a barrier on any out falls to water courses and strictly moving them. We also have the capability to empty and clean all gully’s of any silt.